Graphic Novels and Comics

Welcome to my blog.

Here you will find bits and pieces from some of my current projects.

I am currently working on my first graphic novel which continues to grow. It’s a satire about the depiction of war through the media. It’s titled, War With The Lot.

page 11


page 02

Now the guy with the sun glasses is one of the main characters in the book. That’s Clifton Hill. And sure he look like me but it’s not me. I’m much nicer. Honest.

See that’s me.


And when I need a break from war, mayhem and media I turn into a twelve year old, (just ask my wife), and work on my first children’s book for middle grade, Ollie In The Underwater World. Approximately fifty thousand words. In the tradition of Alice in Wonderland and Walter Mitty. What you won’t find in the book are Ollie’s comic drawings and posters which you will see on this blog under his own section.