Graphic Novel/War with the Lot

A big thank you to all my family and friends who have been coerced into posing for my story.



A satire of mass destruction.

In Yalounge, a country tearing itself apart through war, there is Gus, a delivery pizza man who delivers with immunity. Why? Because the pizzas cooked at the Desert Gondola Pizza Palace are to die for. Gus provides a service without prejudice to the locals, the army, militants, terrorists, snipers, NATO forces and the UN. All Gus wants to do is earn a living and protect his family, and stop his rebellious teenage son from blowing himself and everyone else to paradise.

Meanwhile, in Yalounge another story unfolds. Clifton Hill, interrogator, some say torturer, has just been given some news. The bad: his job has been outsourced. The good: he is being sent home to Melbourne where he will be the host of In Yalounge Tonight. There will be live crosses, expert analysis and weather forecasts as well as highlights from Breakfast in Yalounge, Midday in Yalounge and lots of Breaking News.

But television leaves Clifton empty and depressed so he returns to Yalounge to meet his fate.

Others are excited. This is what the Australian Prime minister had to say after Australia was given the rights to the world broadcast, “This will be bigger than the Olympics. The event of the century. Twenty five/seven. Eight days a week.”

Not to be outdone, Roger Lancaster, media mogul had this to say, “Imagine if the Romans had television cameras. The advertising they could have sold. I want that channel.’

And the words of Al Mass, militant leader, after watching an expert on Terrorism and National security on In Yalounge Tonight, ‘I hadn’t thought of that.’

One person who could bring this whole event to an end. Felicty. Chosen by the UN to negotiate peace to the region. If she succeeds there will be live coverage.

Big themes- all drawn with big black as well as small scratchy lines surrounded on white paper and ink. The book is influenced as much by television shows like Breaking Bad, The Knick and Games of Throne as it is by literature and independent comics and children’s books (for adults).


 Title 2

interior ruins of hertcar through ruins

page 02



monty at work1


Clifton Hill on his way to work in Yalounge.

WarLot 00 (4)

GusWarLot 00 (6a)

WarLot 00 (2)

Gus delivering pizza in Yalounge.